Teamwork card game

In order to work well together, people need to get to know and understand each other. Teamwork contains 100 questions that playfully and sensitively introduce us to our colleagues. easily the best way to turn individuals into a team.
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Topics covered include:

  • Flaws, Fears & Regrets
  • Character
  • Work
  • Likes & Interests
  • The Past


Example Questions

"Do you have any siblings? How did you get on with them when you were small? And now?"

"If you could go back and reassure the younger you about something, what would it be?"

"How have you treated someone wrongly in the past? What happened?"


How to Use the Card Game:

  • 1. Play amongst a group of colleagues or friends.
  • 2. Arrange the cards into the five themed piles. Players also get a pass card if any question feels awkward.
  • 3. Roll the dice and pick a card according to the outcome of the dice.
  • 4. Each player answers honestly.
  • 5. Enjoy the journey of discovery and meaningful conversation.