about glottman


glottman is a retail showroom and a comprehensive design company with in-house licensed architects and interior designers. our extensive network of international furniture, lighting, door, kitchen, textile & home accessory brands are at the vanguard of contemporary design. with almost three decades of building relationships with contractors, glottman facilitates the execution of projects according to exacting standards.



glottman creates living environments that are about comfort, mood, energy and quality of life. curated with unique vision from worldwide sources. harmonizing experimental design with luxury.


glottman is inquisitive about the possibilities and the variations of the new, especially about the human part of design and architecture. we create environments that people can live with and live in. with an inquisitive mind, we integrate a full spectrum of products with the intention of creating bold, unforgettable projects. we appreciate the now, but we study and learn from the past. we’re open to the possibilities of every material and every manufacturing method. although many of the factories that we work with are technologically advanced, we also work with a fantastic group of artisanal companies that still employ the art of handcraft. our spirit guides us to build symbiotic living environments for clients that embody their lifestyle so that they always feel at home.

client services

our goal is to better the lives of each client. to achieve this, we get to know you. rather than concentrating on the macro scale, we start with the small, intimate details to determine what’s important for you. from concept through completion, we create projects in a reverse process that works from the inside-out. whether we’re designing a child’s bedroom or developing an entire building, we are focused on this singular philosophy so that the space and the client fit harmoniously together and feel the warm & fuzzies. at home. whole.