progressions wrap - perennial

the progressions wrap is part of a collection that emphasizes color. the perennial palette was designed to capture the wonder of the outdoors, a sense of gratitude and fullness.
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The Seasons Collection is a continued exploration of color, initially inspired by the paintings of Etel Adnan and further propelled by our look into the works of Hilma af Klint and Marc Chagall’s The Four Seasons mosaic.

Altogether, Seasons is a layering of sentiments and perspectives marked by this unusual time of varied yet shared experiences.

Perennial – a predominantly green and blue palette composed of 10 different colors, grounded and all-encompassing.

Length – 32-36", adjustable

Progressions – a decisive comparison of bold and subtle differences

Japanese Miyuki matte glass beads, 14k gold-filled rounds, silk cord

How to Wrap
Pull the round bead along the length of the unbeaded segments of cord to extend the piece by 4 inches. Begin wrapping the bracelet around your wrist. After slipping it over your hand a fifth time, pin the tassels down in your palm and adjust the sliding bead back in with your other open hand.

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