Porcelain Incense Burner - Black

Crafted in Japan, this all in one incense burner allows incense to be burnt while also collecting and concealing the ash remnants. A removable porcelain lid allows for easy cleaning of the interior while a brass holder keeps the incense in place.
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Elemense's concept is based on the teachings from the “Five Elements Theory” of Chinese philosophy - “Ten Virtues of Koh”. The “Five Elements Theory” states that every place, person and object in the universe was made from the five basic elements: wood (Moku); fire (Ka); earth (Do); metal (Kon) and water (Sui).

When lit, “elemense” is designed to incite the experience that enlightens all five senses and hints that the invisible fragrance starts to take on a visible form, elemense. The brand name itself is a combination of the words “ “element (要素)" and sense(感覚)."


  • Measures: 8.7 in L x 3 in W x 1.5 in H / 22 cm L x 7.5 cm W x 3.8 cm H
  • Made in Japan
  • Material: Porcelain and Brass
  • Care Instructions: Dishwasher Safe
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