Midnight Cenote - Totem Candle w/Matches

Black oud and cypress wood mingled with earthy, herbal sage. Contains all-natural Amyris, bay red, bergamot, cypress, elemi, and sage oils. these Totem candles are designed with a lid that is actually a tin filled with matches.
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With a striker right on the bottom, you have everything you need to help light your path. The metallic-gold glass is silk-screened with nature, animal and spirit world iconography. We suggest burning it to empower you on your journey but it is equally at home adding a bit of glam to your mantel.


  • 120 hour burn time
  • gold metallic glass
  • silk-screened design
  • match tin lid
  • striker on bottom of tin
  • approximately 80 matches
  • 5˝ high x 3 ¼˝ wide
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