mother's day gift guide 2022

gifts that come from the heart

it's mother's day 2022 and we're here to help! we have the perfect selection of glottman gifts for moms everywhere.
the love in bloom heart vase represents the symbol of love, in its most real form and no one represents love more than mom. show how much she means to you year round with this one-of-a-kind vase.
tattoos don't have to be real to be awesome!  especially when they're tiny floral designs that any mom would enjoy showing off.  plus they're made from vegetable based ink.
for the mom who has the need for spontaneous impressions, thoughts and ideas, brief notes and quick sketches. the ox notebook is the perfect partner in crime.
give choices in fashion with the kego wrap.  can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace making it the ideal accessory.
as an award winner for both its curvy design, no coffee loving mother would be complete without the pulcina.  she'll remember you during every sip.
if she means business in the kitchen, the festive confetti chopping block holds nothing back with its sturdy construction and fun to hold design.
inspired by balance in nature, this bandana design incorporates elements of earth and water into a contrasting pattern that looks great on mom no matter how its folded.
a modern take on the traditional hoop earrings. the delicately placed beading represents the fruition of creative style with optimism and imagination.
with this travel case, she can bring all her essentials in one place. worryfree reapplication at all of mom's favorite places.
bring her peace and tranquility with the beauty of nature. these paper incense leaves are the perfect scent for deep relaxation.